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An innovative Cad Drafting Company in UK providing various CAD Services like 2d cad drawings and 3d cad modelling.

CAD Conversion Services
Get cost effective CAD Conversion Services from industry’s leading CAD Design agency.

  • 2D to 3D Conversion
    Need 2D to 3D Conversion of your old paper drawing or want to shift from old package to the latest 2D or 3D Packages, we will provide you the right solution.
  • PDF to CAD Conversion
    Outsource your PDF to CAD conversion work to our experienced team of CAD Designers. We have a proven track record of faster turn-around.
  • JPG to DWG Conversion
    We provide JPG to DWG Conversion services using state of the art technology software’s like Autocad and SolidWorks.
  • Images to CAD Conversion
    Save on your budget and get high quality Images to CAD Conversion from our expert cad designers.

CAD Drawing Services
Tetra Design UK is widely known brand for delivering fast track cad drawing services. Get detailed 2D cad drawings and technical designs from the experts.

  • 2D CAD Drawings
    Get affordable 2D CAD Drawings services using Autocad or Solidworks from specialized team of experts at Tetra CAD Design company UK.
  • GA Drawings
    Get high quality General Arrangement drawings from a well established Tetra Designs, CAD Company in UK.
  • Part Drawings
    Tetra Cad Services company UK, is a leader in producing high quality Part Drawings. Our detailed draft lets the customers, create right custom components.
  • Assembly Drawings
    We have a proven track record of providing quality assembly drawings to our customers. Know more about our customized CAD Drawings.
  • Shop Drawings
    We help you produce quality Shop Drawings using industries leading 3D CAD software’s.
  • Technical Drawings
    Tetracad is a renowned CAD Company in UK that provides professional technical drawings and design services to its valuable customers.
  • Fabrication Drawings
    We offer you the best in class fabrication drawings using customized 3D CAD modelling packages. Check out our wide range of metal applications.
  • Machine Drawings
    Get detailed illustrated machine drawings from Tetracad Design Services Company UK.
  • Wiring Drawings
    Leverage the expertise of Tetracad Services in creating schematic wiring diagrams and drawings as per your product specific needs.
  • Circuit and Schematic Drawings
    Let the experts at Tetracad Design Services Company create your circuit and schematic drawings using professional CAD tools.

CAD Modelling Services
Get professional 3D Cad Modelling services from industry leading firm, Tetracad Design. Outsource your cad modelling work to our dedicated team of experts.

  • Geometric Modelling
    We offer to our customers, optimum quality 3D Geometric Modelling services at reasonable rates as per industry standards.
  • Parametric Modelling
    Tetracad Designs offers solid 3D Parametric modelling services, which includes 3D scans of your objects & converting them into solid models using CAD tools.
  • Wiring Harness Modelling
    We offer wiring harness modelling services using best in industry CAD tools like Solidworks and Autocad.

CAD Design Services
Cad Design Services is one of the core competencies of Tetracad. We provide you complete solution in Product Development. Check our past designs!

  • Engineering Product Design
    With years of experience in engineering product design, Tetracad provides a balanced and tested procedure in order to produce comprehensive designs.
  • Sheet Metal Design
    Create cost effective sheet metal designs using Tetracad’s expert CAD Drafting Services. We use tools like Solidworks and Autocad 2014 to build complex designs.
  • SPM Design
  • FEA Stress Analysis
    Tetracad has an extensive and vast experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Find the mechanical hotspots using our optimized stress maps.
  • Conveyors and Automation Systems
    Be it belt conveyor or assembly stations, Tetracad’s team of expert have designed all sorts of conveyors and automation systems with leading cad software’s.

Tetracad has provided its services in various industry sectors like Aviation, (add other sectors accordingly)

CAD Services
Tetracad is the leading CAD Services provider among the major cad companies in UK. We deliver robust 2D & 3D Cad Drafting services with 100 percent accuracy rate.

2D Detailing
Our CAD Company is based in UK and our expert CAD Designers have vast experience in 2D Detailing for products manufacturing.

3D CAD Modelling
Try our quality 3D CAD Modelling and drafting services.

Architectural Steel
UK based company Tetracad, offers architectural steel designs and layout diagrams for various general arrangements like staircases, galleries, ladders etc.

Structural Steel
Get customized designs of structural steel from a specialized team of CAD Drafting experts at Tetracad Design Services UK.

Engineering Product
Leverage Tetracad’s experienced draftsmen to create 3D Models of your engineering products.

Fabrication Design
Our team of experts provides cutting edge Fabrication designs which are extensively used for SPM structures and complex fabricated assemblies.

Design Automation
Tetra CAD Company based in UK provides design and automation services to help you create custom made software applications.

CAD Conversion 2D to 3D
Be it 2D to 3D CAD or Paper to CAD Conversion, Tetracad Design is an established company in UK that can transform your paper drawings to latest CAD models.

Technical Illustrations
We provide professional technical illustrations in order to help you create technical documentation.

CAD Customisation
Tetracad helps you increase productivity using CAD Customisation for design automation process. Have a look at our past 3D Models created by our experts.

Design Services
Want to develop a new product? Try Tetracad’s experienced design services which led many businesses gain that extra edge in this competitive market.

Engineering Drawings
Tetracad based in UK is an experienced firm providing quality Engineering drawings. Let our trained CAD Draftsmen and Engineers design application for you.

Sketches to CAD Drawings
Want to get your hand drawn sketches converted to professional 3D CAD Drawings? Hire Tetracad’s experienced team of CAD experts for a fast and smooth turn around.

Steel Detailing Services
Tetracad Design Services Company is a global leader in providing flexible steel detailing services to building contractors and steel fabricators.

3D Printing
Avail Tetracad’s years of experience in 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping as you may call it.

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