CAD Modelling Services

Realistic 3D CAD Modelling Services

Do you need 3D CAD model of your product/project ? Your ideas will not remain mere expressions or thoughts; they can be presented in front of your clients giving them real time viewing experience. This is possible with CAD modelling.

3D CAD files can be used for project presentation, prototype or CNC manufacturing. Bring your designs to life and impress your clients with the help of this cost-effective 3D CAD service.

We provide customized modelling services as per your unique needs or they can be availed as a part of complete CAD designing service.

We create high quality 3D CAD models using software such as Solidworks, Pro- Engineer  that offer flawless and meticulously designed models for diverse projects. Our team of experienced design engineers presents impeccable designs after studying and discussing your requirements thoroughly. Our CAD modelling services comprise of superior quality drawings as well as 3D model data. Unparalleled quality and competent pricing are the specialties of our CAD services.

What to expect when using 3D CAD Service

  • Our 3D CAD models help you to facilitate faster and smoother communication with your customer and supplier without requiring any actual material expenses. 3D data files can be shared with different team.
  •  3D CAD drawing files of your project can be sent to supplier for prototype or manufacturing.
  • 3D design of your project with the highest visual effect will be easy to understand and visualize . 3D design will give realistic and effective image compared to 2D design. (Presentation)
  •  The project details of designs can be clear and highlighted with the use of 3D modeling. CAD model of your product represent  real picture  in front of the your team which also enables the clients to understand the design completely. CAD model also facilitate to check minute aspect of a design before committing time and money for manufacturing.

We use the industry standard CAD software that not only ensure premium quality work but also faster work delivery. Tetra Design is a preferred entity for its passion for innovation and the customer-first approach. 3D CAD modelling is the most challenging area which demands extensive research and devotion; our team always strives to offer the customers more than their expectations.

Present your ideas in an innovative way, give your customers a real-time experience of your project. Our 3D CAD modelling services will help you do it. Talk to our representative now to get 3D CAD Services.